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Sales, service and restoration of classic European sports cars. 

RPM is a family-owned restoration shop in Vergennes, Vermont that sells and services classic sports cars, specializing in Ferrari and Porsche. We uphold the highest standards of craftsmanship and originality.

For the last year I have been curious about this Lambo. While I haven’t driven every Lamborghini model, every one that I experience blows me away. They are such wonderful cars and this Uracco does not disappoint. Its easy to compare it to a 308GT/4 but the car is a much earlier design, the car feels much lighter and the engine feels like a full race ready unit. The noise will blow your mind. I am currently working on a small video on this car, will post the link soon. Anyhow, this is a particular amazing example as it has a nearly perfect interior , excellent exterior and cosmetics and a very strong engine. The brakes, handling, ride and overall experience of driving this car is incredible. A tremendously exciting car because it looks like a one-off show car but can be driven regularly.  Except for the engine noise, the interior of this car is silent at speed, no wind noise, road noise or vibrations. Bertone really nailed it on this car.


PRICE: $110,00

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